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Confederate Army Officer Wearing Jaguar Skin Pants

The stylin’ Captain Samuel J. Richardson of the Second Texas Cavalry wore a standard issue hat and shirt. But his pants and his holsters were made of jaguar skin! Link -via Retronaut

Was the US Declaration of Independence Legal?

When the Second Continental Congress declared American independence in 1776, it committed an act of rebellion against the established government over the area. It can, however, be argued, that the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which recognized this independence, made the act retroactively legal. What is less clear is whether the Declaration of Independence was lawful [...]

Patton Oswalt in a Five-Second Film

(Video Link) The people of 5-Second Films try to tell fairly complete stories in only five seconds. The results are usually hilarious. Their most recent project stars none other than Patton Oswalt. Link -via reddit

Virtual Horse in Second Life, Real Lawsuit in Real Life

I learned three things about Second Life today. First is that apparently people still play it (is “play” the right word here, Second Lifers?). Second, you can breed virtual horse that you can ride. And third, you can get sued over virtual animals. Justin Scheck of The A-Hed in Wall Street Journal has the story: A palomino [...]

Art from Maps

Ingrid Dabringer likes to “…elevate the mundane. The Mundane is so saturated with meaning if we just take an extra second to dwell on it.” Among other expressions of this desire, she finds the forms for human figure drawings in maps. Link -via Geekosystem

The Future of Computing 1983 Style

In 1983 many people were discovering home computing for the first time. This book was unearthed recently and found to have some pretty accurate predictions for the future of computing. Best of all though is the section on the history and future of computing. As with all computing histories, the emphasis is on how quickly [...]

This Civil War Reenactment Seems Completely Plausible

Yes, the Ghostbusters were there at the Second Battle of Dantooine. Check your history reference books if you’re skeptical. Link via Popped Culture | Photo: Columbus Dispatch/Jeff Hinckley

Tiny Robot Eye Imitates Human Eye, But Is Even Faster

(Video Link) The human eye can rotate 500 degrees per second. Now a new robot eye is able to meet and exceed that ability by moving 2,500 degrees per second. German researchers led by Heinz Ulbrich at the Technical University of Munich developed this new head-mounted optical wonder: The system, propped on a person’s head, uses a [...]

Freak lobster meets second freak lobster

An extremely rare mutant lobster with two cutting claws has been accompanied by a second with the same mutation. Usually lobsters have two types of cl…

Einstein space-time theory proof found

Two highly charged particles that have arrived within a second of one another at Nasa’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope could represent strong evi…