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10 Horrible Things We Do to Teddy Bears

I would like to draw your attention to a horrible epidemic of toy abuse. Teddy bears are being treated like objects in that we find ways to hurt, maim, and destroy them in the name of recycling, art, politics, or even entertainment. It’s not that Ursus teddius domesticus is an endangered species (quite the contrary), [...]

The Boat Coffin

Perfect for the Old Salt who fancies a burial at sea, here’s the Boat Coffin by Sebastian Errazuriz (previously on Neatorama): Link

The Chicken Chair

One day, Brooklyn-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz, got a brilliant idea of creating a new kind of chair: [it] came as a quick thought out of the blue. I drew it in the back of a business card and showed it [...]

Modern Wild Looking Tables

“QUANTUM SHOT” #665Link – article by Elena Pushkelia and Avi Abrams Strange surfaces to keep your food from tipping over… supposedly Since our last Psychedelic Furniture Showcase modern custom-designed furniture did not become any tamer – the wildest forms and strangest materials continue to appear disguised as tables, chairs and other humble furniture items. Underneath their sheer [...]