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Beautiful Carved Wooden Toilet Seat Cover

Steven’s design is ingenious. The problem with paper toilet seat covers is that they’re too flimsy to stay in place and keep you clean. But his design, made of solid wood, won’t fall apart. Any why is it so elaborately decorated? So that when you carry it around in public–and you will, of course–no one will [...]

Fun Animal Friendly Rocking Chair

This cleverly designed rocking chair has a space underneath the seat so your furry friend can stay close to you without cramping your style. It was created by architect Paul Kweton, who is currently looking for a way to get his chair on the mass market. The gentle rocking motion will either relax your pet, or freak [...]

Car seat identifies driver sitting down

Tokyo scientists have developed a car seat that can identify the driver by analysing their posterior. The seat works by measuring the pressure applied…

The $6,400 Remote-Controllable “Toilet of Tomorrow”

In case you missed the new hotness back in October, I have bad news: your toilet is obsolete. BEHOLD, THE TOILET OF TOMORROW! The Kohler Numi is a Smart Toilet aimed at the US market, but reminiscent of Japanese supertoilets. It sports a heated seat, foot warmer, lights, a music system, [...]

Dog Takes Motorhome for a Spin

Woodley the dog was sitting in the driver’s seat of his human’s bus-sized motorhome when he dislodged the parking break. He then went for a ride: His owner, Richard McCormack, 62, said: “He sits next to me when I’m driving and in the driver’s seat when I’m not. “The handbrake is on the dashboard and he’s seen [...]

"Baby Ghetto" on Airplanes

Traveling with babies this Thanksgiving? You may end up in the "baby ghetto" section of the airplane. Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal’s The Middle Seat travel column explains: Parents are complaining of airline seating [...]

Bike Hack: Attach a Seat Belt to the Inside of a Tire to Prevent Flats

Matt of Bike Hikes has an interesting idea. He’s put old seat belts inside the tires of his bicycle to make them more resistant to punctures: The idea is very simple – put something between the tire and the inner tube to stop glass and other objects. So I found some old car seat belts left [...]

Desk Doubles as Bicycle Rack

The design called PIT IN uses a desk or table as a bike rack. The bicycle seat then serves as a chair while you work or take a break. That is, if you are OK with sitting on a bicycle seat while you’re not riding. This could only be comfortable if my bicycle had a [...]

Ride The Bench

If one bicycle seat is kind of uncomfortable (at least for us fatties), how about 22 of them? Here’s Jeremy Petrus’ Mishmash bench, made from Selle Royal’s bicycle seats: Link – via Core77

Sofa in a Car

Is your car’s front passenger seat uncomfortable? Whatever you do, don’t do what this guy did: A roadside seatbelt check on Wednesday took a back seat to a bizarre and potentially dangerous car modification spotted by Ontario Provincial Police: a recliner chair sitting in as a front passenger seat. But the officers in Ottawa were not amused [...]