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From Pennies to Chocolate: 11 Examples of Creative Flooring

1. Pennies Photo from If you’re like most people, you probably have cans and jars full of unused pennies. If you have, say, 480,000 or so, then why not do what the Standard Hotel in New York City did with them in their restaurant? Make a copper floor. 2. Wooden Type Photo by Flickr user Kris Arnold (wka) The [...]

Beautiful (Yet Terrifying) Viewing Platforms

When you have a great viewing opportunity, it’s always nice to have a good, but safe, way to make the most of the stunning scenery. Whether it’s a terrifying viewing platform that shoots out 30 feet from the summit of Austria‚Äôs Mount Isidor (pictured), or a glass-floored box jutting out from the top of the [...]