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The Missing Links: It’s Raining Sharks

Search For Bobby Fischer At Your Own Peril Getty Images The chess master was a complex and confusing guy. * Hands Down the Coolest, Most Colorful Copenhagen Park You’ll See Today This thing actually is really, really interesting and probably unlike any park you have near your home. * I Would Have Expected A Birdie A live shark fell from [...]

‘Missing’ woman joins search for herself

A woman holidaying in Iceland was unaware that the search party she had joined was looking for her. The unnamed woman had been on a bus trip in the El…

Lost Woman Looks for Herself

A bus driver alerted police and emergency personnel when one of the tourists on his sightseeing tour went missing. The excursion to Iceland’s Eldgjá volcanic canyon was put on hold for hours while a search was carried out. A helicopter was even summoned for the search-and-rescue operation. However, the search was called off at 3 am [...]

Animated Star Trails on Bing’s Homepage

We’ve never really talked ’bout Microsoft’s search engine Bing before on Neatorama, and, honestly, hasn’t been much reason to do so. Until now. Today’s Bing homepage features a gorgeous animated timelapse of star trails over Monument Valley in [...]

New expedition to seek out Mokele Mbembe

Stephen McCullah is leading an expedition to the jungles of Africa in search of a living dinosaur. Naming their trip the “Newmac Expedition” McCullah …

Mystery object crash reported in Siberia

A search is underway to find the crash site of an object that came down in the region on Friday night. Witness reports describe a shining object accom…

I Hate It When….

When I saw this at reddit, of course I entered the search term to see if it would autocomplete the same way for me, which it did, and the first search result is a Facebook page. Apparently, the phrase has been around for at least a few days. Link

Stranded Man Survives on Beer

Clifton Vial of Nome, Alaska, set out in his Toyota Tacoma to see where a road went, but ended up stuck in a snowdrift on a deserted road that doubles as a snowmobile track. He was 40 miles from town, out of cell phone range, without provisions or much in the way of emergency equipment. [...]

Searching for bigfoot among the redwoods

Though Bigfoot remains elusive, enthusiasts still prowl the forests in search of proof of its existence. Groups of upwards of 20 individuals gather fr…

Seeking exotic life on other worlds

Researchers have suggested that the search for alien life should go beyond looking for Earth-like worlds. So far our efforts have been focused on loca…