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Why Chip Bags are Hard to Open

John Spevacek is a chemical engineer with a confession to make. You may have noticed that snack bags are more difficult to open than they were years ago. Spevacek comes clean and takes the blame. Here’s how the project came about. I was in the Packaging Films Group, making multilayer polypropylene films for food packaging. The [...]

It’s Not Easy Being a Ginger Seal Pup

It’s not easy being ginger, even for a seal. Here’s the story of a little seal pup being abandoned by its sleek black family for having brownish red fur: The photographer [Anatoly Strakhov - ed], [...]

Navy SEAL Team 6’s Next Target: Disney!

Osama bin Laden was one thing, but The Mouse? I think the Navy’s SEAL Team 6 is in for bruiser of a fight. You see, it has a new bigger and badder adversary: Disney and its team of lawyers. SEAL Team 6 isn’t going down without a fight.The Navy is challenging Disney’s attempt to trademark the [...]

Navy SEAL Blowin’ Stuff Up!

I’d like to meet the SEALS that took out Bin Laden some day and buy them all the beer they can swill. Navy SEALS are so badass; they are the only thing Chuck Norris fears. Just look at this SEAL blowing stuff up on the battlefield with a giant gun. That is one of the [...]

Baby Polar Bear Plays With Bucket

Remember the walrus and his stolen bucket? Well, Lolrus (actually, not a walrus but a really fat seal) may have kicked the bucket, but we’re glad to report that a baby Polar bear at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark has now picked up the meme. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Have You Seen [...]

Mapping the Oceans with Seals

Oceanographers glued sensors to 57 seals and used their natural movements as a means of gathering information about Antarctic ocean conditions: As the animals swim, the tags record information every few seconds, then relay it via satellite once the seals surface. About 30 percent of the time seals dive all the way to the bottom to [...]

Giant Leopard Seal Brings Penguins to Photographer

In this two-minute video, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen relates the story of a giant leopard seal who tried to teach him (Nicklen) how to hunt for penguins. While Nicklen was in Antarctica photographing the seal, she (the seal) kept bringing him penguins as food offerings, thinking that Nicklen was an incompetent predator who couldn’t [...]

Some Things You Should Know About Polar Bears

Devotees of online “cuteness overload” sites are probably familiar with Knut, the polar bear born in 2006 at the Berlin Zoological Garden. Little Knut was rejected by his mother and was subsequently hand-raised by zookeeper Thomas Dörflein, who slept on a mattress next to Knut’s crate at night in order to provide 24-hour care. Both [...]