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Sea Otter Outsmarts Killer Whale

I have always though killer whales were beautiful animals, that being said they pale in comparison to how cute I find sea otters. Part of this video is very tragic, knowing that mother otter lost her child, but I still find it amazing that the otter managed to outwit the whales. In the battle of [...]

Antarctic sea ice hits record high

Despite fears over global warming the amount of sea ice at the South Pole is breaking new records. Despite the fact that there is more ice at Antarcti…

Beyond Sharks: Truly Scary Deep Sea Creatures

Shark Week might be over, but the truly horrific creatures in the bottom of the sea don’t need a week of TV to remind people how scary they are. With such massively deep and large oceans spread across the globe, it’s no wonder there are so many mysterious and strange creatures lurking below the waves. In [...]

Cup-stacking Otter

(YouTube link) Nellie the sea otter lives at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. The otters are given toys for entertainment and enrichment, and here you see Nellie stacking them back in order, after which she hands them back to her keeper. Before you know it, our factory robots will be replaced with otters, [...]

10 Incredible Sea Forts

What you see here is the Red Sands sea fort six miles off the coast of England. It was used during World War II to guard against u-boats and aircraft attack. As you can probably guess, the was an unpopular post, and was only manned for a few months. Other sea forts look more comfortable, [...]

Candies of America

Photo: Melisa Goh/NPR Nuts for Nut Goodie? Rockin’ for an Almond Roca? Your heart melting for some Melty Bar? From sea to shining sea, Americans love their [...]

Baltic ‘UFO’ anomaly update

Divers investigating the anomalous circular object on the Baltic sea floor have found something unusual. The object which was discovered last year by …

How an Undersea Eruption Created Jerome, Arizona

You may hear jokes about “oceanfront property in Arizona,” but in the distant past, it really existed. In fact, 1.75 billion years ago, the area was undersea. However, there was a lot going on down there where tectonic plates were colliding. I don’t know if you can imagine an undersea caldera eruption. There’s the sea floor, [...]

Show Biz Ruined SpongeBob!

Don’tcha know that SpongeBob was going to end up out from under the sea and onto the hard streets of Rome, Italy? Via Street Art Utopia and Cubiclebot Previously [...]

This Rum Tastes A Little Fishy

Sure the Mon Calamari might not actually come from under the sea, but there’s no way you can convince me that something that looks like that and has “Calamari” in its name doesn’t smell like fish and if it made rum, I’m certain it would rub off. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy