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Butter Sculptures

Now we have seen some interesting sculptures before, but none quite as heart-stopping as this collection of butter sculptures by sculptor Jim Victor and his wife Marie Pelton. Let’s just hope the scukptures are in an air conditioned room so they won’t melt, that or at a lobster-eating-fest in Maine. As I was writing this I [...]

Hippo Transforms into a Bar

During his life, French sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008) made several metal hippopatamus figures with built-in compartments. This glorious bronze specimen opens to reveal a bar. It was typical of Lalanne’s playful approach to art: He wanted, he once said, to bring the notion of usefulness to sculpture and to demystify art, which he regarded as a [...]

A Party Rockin’ Pumpkin Named DJ Pump

This is DJ Pump on the wheels of steel, keepin’ it old school in the pumpkin patch as he scratches records and feels the grooves with his stem hands. He was brought to life by Andy Bergholtz, a sculptor who works with a variety of mediums including the most temporary of them all- pumpkins! Link  –via Laughing [...]

Hyperrealistic Sculpture Of Yoda

Sculptor Andrea Eusebi created this amazingly detailed rendition of Yoda looking like a little elderly human, complete with liver spots, tufts of hair growing out of his ears and wrinkles galore. Aside from the pointy ears this sculpt looks like someone I’ve seen before, while waiting in line for soup at the local deli… Link  –via Laughing [...]

Watch a Glassblower Sculpt a Horse Right before Your Eyes

(Video Link)  This is astounding! The sculptor begins working the hot glass with pincers. Seventy seconds later, there’s a finished piece standing upright. -via NotCot

The Underwater Sculptures Of Jason DeCaires Taylor

Jason DeCaires Taylor is an eco-sculptor, an artist who has found a way to make his sculptures meld seamlessly with the natural world. His works become one with nature and even support life, as demonstrated by the ring of sculptures shown above which now serve as habitats for coral and aquatic critters who fancy a human [...]

Thought Provoking Sculptures And Illustrations By Nishio Yasuyuki

Nishio Yasuyuki is an artist and sculptor whose works have a compelling story to tell, and bring to mind images of a dark, wondrous place born out of our collective subconscious. Despite being massive in scale, Nishio’s sculptures are full of fine naturalistic details which may take the viewer a moment to fully realize. His illustrations are [...]

Sand Sculpture Scenery

We’ve all played in the sand, but not like Singaporean sand sculptor JOOHeng Tan. He really took dirt to a whole ‘nother level: World champion sand sculptor JOOheng Tan was recently asked by [...]

Frighteningly Realistic Frankenthulhu Mask

This awesomely gruesome latex mask was made by sculptor and craftsman afterlightrob, and the time and dedication he put into this fantastic mask really shows. You could base an entire B-movie around this guy-a squid faced monster, created in a lab with an insatiable appetite for human souls! Hit either of the links below if you [...]

Pumpkin Carving with Animatronic Eyes by Ray Villafane

We’ve featured Ray Villafane’s amazing pumpkin carvings before on Neatorama, but the sculptor extraordinaire has taken his artwork to a new level by using animatronic eyes. Laughing Squid [...]