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Doctor Who Script Found, No Spoilers Leaked

How many of us would love a chance to read a script from a future episode of our favorite TV show? What if you found the chance in the back of a taxi? What would you do? A student in Cardiff got the chance to peek at an unaired Doctor Who script, but decided not [...]

Vi Hart Makes a Video About Making a Video About Making a Video

Vi Hart makes videos primarily about math (we’ve written about her before). But how does she make the videos? The typical Vi Hart video involves a lot of drawing, ultra-fast narration, quick cuts, and fast-motion video. Finally, after years of making videos, Vi Hart has made a video about making videos. [...]

Minecraft Meets 3D Printing

Members of the MIT Media Lab have created a python script called Minecraft.print() which will allow players of Minecraft with access to a 3D printer the opportunity to print out their creations. And while the odds of an average person having access to a 3D printer are slim, this script is a step in the [...]

John Cusack in the Rain

Apparently John Cusack is drawn to movies where the script calls for him to be stuck in the rain. Actually, can you think of any movies he’s in where he’s not getting poured on at some point? Link

Mexican Stormtrooper

A spaghetti Western version of Star Wars would be awesome. All that would be necessary is a few modifications to the script of A Fistful of Dollars. via Look at This Frakking Geekster | Photo: Bonnie Burton

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Authors Who Tried Scriptwriting

During the holiday season, I was doing some research for a story and discovered that the uber-sarcastic Dorothy Parker did some work on the script for the saccharine and sappy It’s a Wonderful Life (that’s not a slam, by the way, I love that movie). Apparently lots of famous writers have put in their time [...]