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Yellow Scream

(YouTube link) Yellow Scream is a half-hour documentary about painting screams with yellow paint, by Korean artist/comic Kim Beom. Here is what information we get from the YouTube page: “The technique to this painting is to incorporate the sound of screams into the brush strokes,” states the narrator in Kim Beom’s video Yellow Scream (2012). “A brush [...]

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand – $7.95 Here at the NeatoShop we believe that Zombies were people too. Put a zombie to work at your next party with the Zombie Hand Cupcake stand from the NeatoShop. This deliciously fun disposable card stand can hold 24 cupcakes. It will make your next cupcake display a real scream. Be sure [...]

The Missing Links: The Science of Anti-Social Traveling

This Thing Is Gonna Be Huge Well, maybe not, but this PBS exploration of viral videos is interesting nonetheless. * Is This A Full Flight? The answer to that question can make or break your day. Standup comics have made jokes about talkative strangers on planes for years. We’ve all held our breath and prayed that the person walking [...]

‘The Scream’ Sold for a Record $120 Million

If he were alive, Edvard Munch would’ve screamed. You see, his iconic painting The Scream (the pastel version – one of four that Edvard has drawn) has just sold for [...]

If Wes Anderson Made "Scream"

(Video Link) Wes Craven is so cheesy. These days, it’s all about Wes Anderson, which is why I would much rather pay to see this version of Scream than the original. Via BuzzFeed

"The Scream" Ice Tray

Ice Scream – “The Scream” Ice Tray – $8.45 For your next art gallery opening or fancy party, don’t use regular boring ol’ ice cubes – use these instead: The Ice Scream / “The Scream” Ice Tray from the NeatoShop. The tray makes ice cubes shaped like the iconic screaming head from Edvard Munch’s famous painting: [...]