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Instagraham Crackers

For the vintage taste, try Bakerella’s Instagraham cookies. They’re scratch-made graham crackers decorated with the Instagram logo. You can find her recipe at the link. Link -via Tasteologie

The Combat Gnomes Are Back With Even More Firepower

These combat ready garden gnomes are created from scratch by artist Shawn Thorsson, who obviously had a pest problem that a little bit of bug spray couldn’t handle. This time around the gnomish combatants are back with more firepower and a tactical formation which will ensure that every square inch of your yard or garden is [...]

Mmmmm…Vending Machine Pizza

Who needs food to be cooked by people? With the Let’s Pizza vending machine, you can have pizza made from scratch in only 2 and a half minutes. While it might not be that great compared to restaurant pizzas, it would be amazing to run into this thing when you’re drunk and all the pizza [...]

How to Make Alcoholic Gummy Bears

No, it’s not a matter of making gummy bears from scratch, it’s much more simple than that -just pour alcohol over them and let it absorb until the gummies become nice and soft -like Jell-O. Yummy! Link

World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

(Video Link) A brilliant machinist named Patelo made this 12cc V-12 compressed air engine. Except for the screws, he cut all of the parts from scratch. This video shows him grinding the parts, assembling them, and then running the engine at about the eight minute mark. It’s an amazing demonstration of precise machining. -via Boing Boing | [...]

2D Photography’s Rube Goldberg Machine

(YouTube Link) 2D Photography’s Rube Goldberg photography-themed machine took over six months to construct. Even the photobooth had to be built from scratch to mimic the real thing. Over 26 people aided in the construction of the machine. The video is amazing, and well worth the results. Here’s hoping such effort pays off and goes viral. [...]

Oreo Cameo

Judith G. Klausner has an ongoing project called From Scratch in which she carves classic cameos out of Oreo cookies! She also uses cereal, toast, and other foods as a launching point for art projects, which you can see at her site. Link -via Boing Boing

The Muppet Theater Playset by Lance Cardinal

Lance Cardinal painstakingly re-created the Muppet Theater in a custom built playset from scratch. Take a look at the extensive photo gallery at his blog: Link | Back Stage | Making Of – via Make

A Statistician Solves a Scratch Lottery Code

A Canadian geological statistician came to the realization that the numbers on some scratch lottery cards could not be random. “It wasn’t that hard,” Srivastava says. “I do the same kind of math all day long.” “… I start looking at the tic-tac-toe game, and I begin to wonder how they make these things,” Srivastava says. [...]

Introducing Scratch & Sniff Moon Photography

In space-travel circles, it’s apparently a well-known fact that the moon smells like gunpowder. And now, that intoxicating aroma can belong to the average Joe Spacelover – thanks to a series of scratch & sniff lunar photographs. Sue Corke, the person responsible for creating the prints, explains her motivation: “I like the idea of creating a false [...]