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Large Scale Coathanger Art By David Mach

Artist David Mach creates sculptures out of a variety of odd mediums, from matchsticks to Scrabble tiles, but this time he’s making drycleaner dreams come true-by creating sculptures out of coathangers. David even left the hook on most of the hangers, creating an exterior layer of texture and adding a bit of visual interest to each [...]

Scrabble Insulated Bottle

Scrabble Insulated Bottle – $25.95 Are you planning a sensational summer camping trip? Make sure you pack your new favorite Scrabble Insulated Bottle from the NeatoShop. This great vacuum insulted bottle has a push button valve and is perfect for keeping beverages hot or cold. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more winning Kitchen Stuff! Don’t [...]

Scrabble Typography Edition

Love Scrabble but not enamored with its … well, let’s just say "unhip" design? Typography lovers, here’s the iconic word game reborn as a stylish set, made just for you. From Core77: Aimed squarely at the design geek crowd, the new set features [...]

The Quick 10: 10 “Q” Words That Aren’t “q-u” Words

I have been playing a lot of Bookworm lately. Like, a lot of Bookworm. I run down my cell phone battery playing Bookworm. It’s kind of a sick addiction. In case you haven’t played, it’s sort of like Scrabble with no letter limit and a sense of urgency. You have to spell things out with [...]

Scrabble: How to Confuse and Destroy Your Opponents

Here’s a brief talk by Scrabble Jedi Master Mehal Shah on simple techniques for kicking butt at Scrabble. It’s from Ignite, an event series in which presenters give very brief (five-minute) talks as their slide decks auto-advance every fifteen seconds (that means 20 slides total). There is no backing up, pausing, or digression. You’ll be [...]