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Name That Girl Scout Cookie

Now that the schools and kiosks are out of Girl Scouts cookies for the year, it’s time to test your knowledge. Of course, if you have a stash in the basement freezer, you might have a leg up on today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. But try it by memory. The challenge is to match up [...]

Redesigned Girl Scout Merit Badges

The times they are a-changin’ and changin’ with the times are the Girl Scouts. First, they let boys in, and then this: redesigned merit badges that are more relevant to today’s modern world. Beth Teitell [...]

Wacky New Boy Scout Ads

The Boy Scouts Of America are looking to recruit the future Ron Swanson’s of the world, but you don’t need a beard to join, you just need the desire to “be one with the wild” (their campaign slogan). Only time will tell whether their ads, featuring kids with epic beards, will increase their numbers or [...]

Girl Scouts Get Booted From Historic Corner

Selling cookies is a tough gig. You never know what curve ball the city is going to throw at you. If you don’t believe me just ask a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts in Georgia have been barred from selling cookies in front of founder Juliette Gordon Low’s childhood home. The Girl Scouts have been selling cookies [...]

The Boy Scouts at 100

The US division of the Boy Scouts turns 100 today. The movement began in Britain under the leadership of General Robert Baden-Powell. An American publisher, William Boyce, met a Boy Scout in London and was so impressed that he decided to bring scouting to the United States. It grew rapidly during World War I and [...]