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The Penguin and the Piper

In 1904, William Speirs Bruce led the second voyage of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition to the frozen continent. The ship, the Scotia, was trapped in ice for four days along the route. While the expedition was stuck, they continued to take geographical and meteorological observations and measurements. But the ship’s bagpiper, Gilbert Kerr, took [...]

Mystery of the ‘Franken-mummies’

Two skeletons discovered on a remote Scottish island have been at the centre of a mystery for 10 years. Considered to be the first evidence that the a…

Ignore Hitler

Michael is a Scottish artist and blogger who plays Draw Something, the popular game where people guess words from other’s drawings. Only Michael always draws Hitler. Hitler usually has nothing to do with the target word, so the words “ignore Hitler” are also included. He’s done this so much that he has posted his drawings [...]

A Civil War Love Story

We in the modern world sometimes think of ourselves as constantly writing, tapping out words on a keyboard to communicate with each other. But compared to earlier generations, how well do we really express what we think and feel? Annalisa Grier has been reading and digitizing the letters her great-great-great-grandfather, David P. Grier, wrote to [...]

UFOs filmed over Scotland

A Scottish Mountain Rescue team filmed two strange lights zooming through thick fog in Scotland. A video camera mounted to their vehicle’s dashboard p…

Susan Boyle haunted by ghost of late mother

The Scottish singing sensation claims she’s seen her mother’s ghost appear to her in her own home. Boyle who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 says tha…

Extremely Realistic Hand-Drawn Portraits

These amazingly realistic portraits were rendered in chalk and graphite by Scottish artist Paul Cadden. Apparently, he specializes in faces with lots of wrinkles personality. Shades of gray never looked so good! Link –via BuzzFeed

Dolly scientist to clone Scottish wildcats

Dr Bill Ritchie who helped clone Dolly the sheep is now working on cloning the rare Scottish wildcat. Wildcats are thought to have a population as few…

I Am Maru, the Book

Maru, the Scottish fold YouTube star who lives with his human, mugumogu, in Japan, is getting his own book. Published by HarperCollins, I am Maru promises a little insight to the cat’s “low-key” lifestyle. “This…cat may be an internet sensation, but he knows how to keep his celebrity status from going to his fluffy head…mostly…See all his [...]

Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach

A couple walking along a Scottish beach came across the remains of a strange sea creature. The 30ft corpse is partly decomposed, experts are still att…