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Ignore Hitler

Michael is a Scottish artist and blogger who plays Draw Something, the popular game where people guess words from other’s drawings. Only Michael always draws Hitler. Hitler usually has nothing to do with the target word, so the words “ignore Hitler” are also included. He’s done this so much that he has posted his drawings [...]

Sardine Rocking Chair

Scottish artist Tristan Cochrane spent twelve years in the fishing industry, and the industry is still in him. He makes household items in the shape of sea creatures, such as this rocking chair. It’s made of aluminum formed in wax molds. Link -via Technabob

Extremely Realistic Hand-Drawn Portraits

These amazingly realistic portraits were rendered in chalk and graphite by Scottish artist Paul Cadden. Apparently, he specializes in faces with lots of wrinkles personality. Shades of gray never looked so good! Link –via BuzzFeed