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Why Uninformed Opinion is Better

What’s the point of having opinions? Scott Adams of Dilbert Comics explains it all in just 8 panels: Link – via CubicleBot

Rejected Dilbert Comics

Scott Adams of Dilbert comics wrote about this cartoon strip that got rejected for some reason. I wonder why … Link – via Tastefully Offensive

Drive-Thru Viewing of the Dead

Need to pay your respect to the dearly departed, but in a big hurry? That’s not a problem in this Compton Funeral Home: it has a drive-thru viewing of the dead. Visitors are greeted by a huge red-lettered sign above the entrance of the stone building on East Palmer Street. In the reception lounge, gold chandeliers [...]

Dilbert Characters

Dilbert PVC Figure Set – $24.95 Say hello to Dilbert, Dogbert, Boss, Wally, Alice and Catbert! It’s a half dozen of your favorite characters from the Scott Adams comic Dilbert in one set of PVC figurines. The perfect inspiration for your cubicle, available now at the NeatoShop! Link | More Action Figures