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Tactical Lamp

The Sketchy Design Studio’s Andromeda project is a lamp that looks like a modern rifle. It features three Picantinny rails which are not only stylish, but functional. They can be used to adjust the height or attach accessories, such as a scope or a bayonet. Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Survival of the Fittest Slugs

Now that’s one way to deal with an infestation. In case you were curious how things turned out, it turns out only one died so far, the rest turned back after taking in the scope of the challenge. Link Via BoingBoing

Han Solo’s Soldering Iron

In 1983, when he as fifteen years old, Craig Smith broke his father’s soldering iron. He fixed it (above) using parts of a toy made to resemble Han Solo’s blaster (below). It still works! And, of course, it has a scope. You need a scope if you’re soldering from a great distance. Link | Photos: Craig [...]

The 6 Most Terrible Publicity Stunts Ever

I’m sure you guys all are familiar with the Scope’s Monkey Trial, but did you know that the whole thing was actually just an overblown publicity stunt to help attract travelers to visit the town of Dayton, Tennessee? Learn more about the trial as well as other irresponsible publicity stunts in this great Cracked article. Link