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Richard Feynman’s Ode To A Flower

(vimeo link) The more science you know, the more amazing our world becomes. An anecdote from a 1981 Richard Feynman interview for the BBC is illustrated by Fraser Davidson’s animation. -via Geeks Are Sexy

National Geographic’s New Phenomena

National Geographic has opened a new science blog section of their extensive website called Phenomena, with four blogs by science writers you probably already know. Not Exactly Rocket Science by Ed Yong, formerly of Discover magazine. Here’s his welcome post. Laelaps by Brian Switek, formerly of ScienceBlogs. Here’s his first Phenomena post. The Loom by Carl Zimmer, [...]

Will we see a future without war ?

A political science professor has conducted a study suggesting that conflicts will halve by 2050. Professor Håvard Hegre and colleagues at the Peace R…

The Late Movies: 6 Important Lessons Learned From Bill Nye

The walls of educational heaven are lined with photos of the best teachers: Miss Frizzle. Mr. Wizard. And Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Nye, who turns 57 years young today, taught children the basics of science on his popular television show. For me, his lessons often stuck more than those I learned in schools. Here, [...]

The Missing Links: An 18-Mile Ice Cube

The HMS Bounty Is Lost Getty Images Yesterday I posted a link about a famous ship used in the filming of several movies, which had to be abandoned. The ship has now sunk and some members of the crew are missing. * Enough Already Cracked presents a few pop culture arguments that we’ve all had [...]

Can insects reach the size of humans ?

Giant insects have been featured in science fiction films for years, but how big can they actually get ? Researchers aren’t exactly sure what limits t…

The Missing Links: Grand Theft Space Shuttle

Selling Your Body To Science – While You’re Still Living Getty Images Writer and 30 Rock cast member John Lutz (he’s the one on the left) has done just that, and is writing a book about his experience. * In the Land Before Color Photography… Everyone was super weird and creepy. * Have A Laugh At Laughter’s Expense The [...]

The Missing Links: In 1492, Columbus Sailed … Into A Mall?

In A Perfect World, Science Museums Wouldn’t Have to Advertise But since it isn’t and they do, you might as well make sure the advertisements are geeky and cool to show off your science smarts. * Energy: Sure. Education: Absolutely. Cancer: Huh? Until I read this article, I never really considered that carcinogens might have their own [...]

Monte Carlo Method was Named after the Inventor’s Uncle who Loved to Gamble

If you’ve worked in science, engineering and economics, chances are you’ve used or heard of the Monte Carlo Method. It’s a very useful computational algorithm that uses random numbers and probability statistics to examine a [...]

Minimalist Posters of Six Women Who Changed Science and The World

We’ve seen minimalists posters made for your favorite movies before, but what about science? Graphic artist Hydrogene crafted some of the best minimalist posters starring six women who changed science and the world: Link [...]