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A Collection Of Hilarious SciFi Costumes

Here’s a collection of science fiction themed Halloween costumes that will make you laugh both at and with them, and may inspire you to create a goofy costume of your own. Some of the costumes in this gallery may result in chortling, guffawing and a tickling sensation in the ribs, so beware the funny! Link

Laser guns on ships ‘within 4 years’

Senior Navy technologists have claimed that working laser cannons will be in service very soon. Laser weapons have been a staple of science fiction fo…

Weird German-Language 1958 Science Fiction Musical

(Video Link) Mir Ist so Langweilig, which Google Translate renders as I’m so Bored, has potential, unless you prefer your science fiction hard boiled. Battlestar Galactica it is not. What do you think is happening in the story? -via blastr

Comic-Cat: Comic-Con for Cats

Get ready for gallery after gallery of great, not-so-great, and over-the-top cosplay pictures from Comic-Con, coming soon to a website near you! Cats are celebrating Comic-Con as well, over at I Can Has Cheezburger, and they’ve got a great roundup of costumes from comic books, science fiction, and movies to show off! Link

Swarovski’s Crystal Museum

Swarovski, a manufacturer of glass crystal, has a museum and garden in Wattens, Austria. This enormous fountain stands in front of it. Think of the setting possibilities it offers to producers of science fiction shows! Official Website and Video via Super Punch | Photo: Michael Slonecker

The Skin Gun

The standard technique of treating burn is slow – so slow that many burn patients die from infections before their skin can regenerate. Enter Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach. He developed the Skin Gun, which sprays stem cells and heals severely burned skin in just a few days. It seems like science-fiction, but it really works. Buzzfeed has [...]


A recent meme is to mix up science fiction universes to provoke an indignant response from science fiction geeks. A quote from a movie, TV show, book, or video game will do, but make sure it’s mis-attributed and laid over a picture that has nothing to do with the quote or the attribution! See 32 [...]

Vintage Ads from Fictional Futures

Two years ago, writer Mark Rayner held a contest in which he invited people to create vintage ads from the 1940s-1960s. Except that these ads would be from future environments depicted in science fiction. Rayner has now held a new contest with the same theme. You can view the winners at the link. Link via Nerdcore

What would real extraterrestrials look like ?

Aliens have been portrayed in both science fiction and popular culture for years, but what would a real alien look like ? The answer lies in the habit…

Could a robot really love a human?

As an age where the idea of human-like robots is slowly but surely moving from science fiction to science fact society will face new dilemmas incl…