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Blood Red Camargue River Delta

Photo: Sam Dobson/500px Russian photographer Sam Dobson was passing through Southern France when he noticed something unusual: the river delta Camargue has turned blood red due to its high salt content. With every small branch [...]

Markus Reugels’s Water Drops

German photographer Markus Reugels specializes in high-speed photography, and captures a lot of images of water drops. By adding chemicals to the water and raising his shutter speed to one sixteen thousandth of a second, he’s been able to take some truly amazing shots: By thickening the water with guar gum he was also able to [...]

How Sea Stars Move

The Ark in Space has the weirdest video clip of sea stars you’ll see today. Ever wonder how they move? It’s suprisingly creepy (pun intended) This is a great piece of time lapse photography, showing a sea star (or star fish as we call them in the UK) slowly crawling across Mora Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington. It [...]

A Printer That Prints Skin

It feels more and more as time goes on that we are living in a science-fiction film. Sure, it doesn’t take much to dazzle me. After all, I’m still amazed by Dippin’ Dots and robot vacuum cleaners. But there are even more amazing things going on these days – some of which even help people. Try [...]