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The Late Movies: High School Haka

As I prepared an old mental_floss magazine article for the internet, I was struck by YouTube’s “related videos” section. It appears that the Maori war dance known as the haka has been adopted by not only rugby teams, but quite a few American high school football teams, too! You may enjoy watching these teenagers intimidate [...]

Professor X at His School

Patrick Stewart–Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies–visited a school with a familiar name. He writes, “This was taken a while ago but hearing best student Logan is officially on board, it now seems a good time to share.” Link -via Nerd Approved

Movie Monster High School Yearbook

Movie Monster high school has one massive claim to fame- nobody has been bullied on campus in over fifty years! And even though Ghostface and Leatherface are mere humans, their ghastly disguises keep them under the monster radar, and their bloodlust is seen as admirable by the student body. DeviantARTist thegreck heads up the yearbook committee to [...]

Gingerbread House Contest

Redditor poptimist works at a culinary school, and tells of a gingerbread house competition they held for employees. She snapped a photo of her favorite entry. Oh, and here’s the eventual winner. Now, which one are you more likely to remember in the coming years? Link

Understanding Twilight

I get it now, I understand Twilight. It’s a classic high school love story really, at its core. Girl feels misunderstood, strange boy understands her – they live misunderstood together. Well maybe it isn’t all that simple but you get the gist. Link

An Unusual But Not Too Cruel Punishment

Have you ever been stuck behind a school bus, kids unloading, and gotten a little bit annoyed because you are in a hurry? You probably have. Did you get a creeping temptation to drive around the pedestrian children, avoiding them by driving onto the sidewalk? Didn’t think so. Shena Hardin got that feeling early and often. [...]

The Song of the Library Staff, 1906

Somehow this gem has escaped my attention until now. In 1906, Sam Walter Foss, a librarian in Somerville, Massachusetts, published a series of funny poems about the variously happy and beleaguered staff of a public library. This must be made into a musical. From my first semester of library school, I’ve argued that what the profession [...]

Drugs to Help Kids Become Better Students

Parents: if there’s a magical pill that can turn your kids from bad students into good ones, would you give it to them? As a parent of a young child in first grade, I’ve been hearing a lot [...]

Jim Carrey Once Wrote Himself a $10 Million Check

Photo: nonu photography/Flickr Actor and comedian Jim Carrey was a born entertainer. In school, his teacher let him perform his comedy routines for his classmates at the [...]

One in a Quarter Million Odds: After Fifty Years, All Members of This High School Rugby Team Are Still Alive

Fifty years ago, the rugby team of the Portsmouth Grammar School in Hampshire, UK posed for a photo. They went their separate ways, but all sixteen members survived the years and returned to update their picture. The odds were astronomical: The odds of all of the original first team being alive to meet for the milestone [...]