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The Perfect Scent: Chanel No. 5

How do you make the perfect perfume? Start with one that already failed twice. Octogenarians are rarely described as “seductive.” But when a 2009 poll asked 3,000 British newspaper readers to name the world’s most seductive scent, the winner was no spring chicken. Nearly nine decades after its creation, Chanel No. 5 took the title. The [...]

How Male Beetles Attract The Ladies: The Smell of Sex and Death

We all know that in order to attract mates, we need to smell good. But for the hide beetles (Dermestes maculatus), smelling good with sex pheromones is not enough. They need an extra oomph [...]

Print Postcards That Smell Like Your Favorite Foods

This odd yet clever little device prints out postcards imbued with the scent of your favorite foods. Created by Zhu Jingxuan, a student at Donghua University’s Fashion & Art Design Institute, this device is tentatively called the Food Printer, and it’s a great way to show the dieters in your life what they’re missing! Link  –via DesignTAXI

Eau de Apple: The MacBook Pro Fragrance

To Apple fanboys, the smell of a new MacBook Pro has got to be the equivalent of that new car smell. And now, it’s in fragrance form, thanks to Melbourne-based performance artists Gavin Bell, [...]

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows?

Dogs image via Shutterstock Dogs seem to stick their heads out of moving cars almost any chance they get. What’s so great about a wind-whipped snout? While I wasn’t able to find any scientific research on the phenomenon, a number of dog behaviorists agree that the window’s main draw isn’t the scenery or the breeze. What dogs [...]

You Too Can Smell Like The Hulk

JADS International has decided to release a line of perfumes based on The Avengers, including a “Yuzu, bergamot and tarragon create clean, clear top notes along with unexpected accords of water lily and nutmeg,” scent that apparently reflects the scent of The Hulk. While the colognes probably don’t smell anything like the real heroes would [...]

"Eau de Toilet": Artist Made Perfume Out of Own Urine

“Signature scent” doesn’t get any more personal than this, folks! If you love to hear the unusual things artists do in the name of art, “urine” for a treat: Conceptual artist Cherry Tree has a scent of mystery about her. And the smell of urine. Her urine. And it’s intentional. For the last five years, Tree, who [...]

"Blood" perfumes ideal for vampires

Two Italian entrepreneurs have launched a perfume inspired by the scent of human blood. The “Blood Concept” scent comes in four varieties named after …

A Printer That Creates Distinct Smells

Researchers in Japan are developing an ink-jet printer that can embed paper with particular smells: In the most common type of ink-jet, a pulse of current heats a coil of wire, creating bubbles that force a small volume of ink down a tube and onto the page at high speed. The Keio team use the same [...]

Teeny Tiny Books

This is sort of like the library necklace, but with real books. From the Publishing House of Miniature Books in Russia come these tiny masterpieces measuring less than half an inch tall. I used Google Language Tools to try and translate some of the titles, and found one title translated as “And Bunin. A. Antonovsky [...]