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The Slowest Flying Saucer Ever Recorded

He might not be great at abducting innocent victims or flying away before investigators can make it to the scene, but he just might be the cutest UFO you’ve ever seen. Link

Lilo and Stitch Deleted Scene

(YouTube link) A scene that didn’t make it into the finished film Lilo and Stitch confronts racism among tourists, but Disney dropped it late in the production. -via Buzzfeed

Man Fakes His Own Death to Propose to Girlfriend

I In what has to be one of the worst proposal gimmicks ever, 30-year-old Alexey Bykov of Russia hired a movie director, stuntmen, make-up artists, and a script writer to stage a scene in which he dies in a car crash…. so he could propose. “I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me [...]

Face of Jesus appears on tree stump

A cemetary in Belfast has become the latest scene of an alleged case of divine intervention. When an otherwise ordinary looking tree was felled at Bel…

Kids Swede Alien

(YouTube link) Here, children are re-enacting a key scene from the movie Alien. After somewhat lengthy histrionics, you’ll see the most ridiculous low-budget chestburster ever! This is the fifth in a webseries called Kids Swede Movies. Link -Thanks, Brian!

Toys Photographed In Humorous Situations

Ryan Roberts likes to set up humorous situations with toys then shoots a bunch of pics of the scene, like a guy who wasn’t allowed to play with toys looking to exact revenge via photographic playtime. His series is like the photo version of the stop motion TV series Robot Chicken, and is sure to appeal [...]

‘Dead’ boy wakes up at his own funeral

A two-year-old who was believed to be dead shocked his family when he woke up before being buried. His father Antonio Santos described the scene as hi…

When Real Life Looks Like Skyrim

No, that’s not a scene from the best role playing game of 2011, it’s actually a photo of an auroral storm over Arctic Henge in northern Iceland. Sure video game programers are talented artists, but pictures like this remind us that they have to get their inspiration somewhere. Link Via Kotaku

20 Insane Foreign Posters For Hollywood Movies

As much as I loved Big, I must not have watched it very well because I can’t, for the life of me, remember a scene where Tom Hanks’ head explodes into a big mess of primary colors. But if this Russian poster for the film says anything about the movie, that’s precisely it. Check out [...]

Five Badass Actors That Got Stabbed And Lived

Pictured left is actor Jimmy Smits, who was not stabbed in this article. He did the stabbing! Jeff Chase is an actor and stuntman who has been in the business consistently for years and is well respected, though not well known. He was shooting a scene for Dexter, the awesome Showtime show about a killer who [...]