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Little Bottles

I must admit some guilt in this scenario, but the upstairs bathroom our three teenage daughters use is even worse! This Twaggie was illustrated by Dave Collier from a Tweet by 1BigMick. See a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies! Link

Concrete Case Mod

The Best Case Scenario forum user D.Heiße has created a number of unique case mods, including one in a tree trunk and one shaped like a sine curve. His most recent endeavor was to make one out of concrete. He built a mold with of Plexiglass, sheet metal, and welding rods and then poured concrete [...]

How to Fall 35,000 Feet—And Survive

It’s a terrifying scenario you may have dreamed about: falling to earth from a high altitude. A very few people have survived such an event. Popular Mechanics has a survival guide that will take you longer to read than the six mile fall would take. Things are bad. But now’s the time to focus on the [...]

Will our universe collide with another ?

Its a scenario of apocalyptic proportions but in a theory that is rising in popularity among physicists our universe may not only have the potenti…