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That’s a Big Scarecrow

This scarecrow would scare off not only crows, but also children, monsters, and small planes! I don’t know who made this scarecrow or where it was (the picture is at least three years old), but he did an awesome job building it. Link

The Dark Sponge

Forget Heath Ledger, Squidward would be the ultimate Joker…of course I’m kidding, could you imagine him asking anyone “why so serious.” Really though, Plankton would make a great Scarecrow, even if his entire goal was drugging people to get the Krabby Patty formula. Link Via io9

Motion-activated Sprinkler

Even the Wicked Witch is no match for the Scarecrow! Amazon sells the Contech Electronics CRO101 Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler. The normal purpose of such a device is to scare pets and wildlife (and maybe kids) away from your lawn or garden. However, many folks have their own ideas of how it should be used, as you’ll [...]

The Walking Dead of Oz

Walking Dead of Oz (autographed) – $19.95 The Scarecrow in Matt Busch’s Zombie Poster series isn’t the only one looking for brains – the entire gang is! Check out the Walking Dead of Oz and other Zombie Posters from the NeatoShop | More (cute, not gory) Wizard of Oz stuff.