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Homeland Security’s New Molecular Scanner

Still fretting about privacy? Don’t worry, it will soon be over. Big Brother will know everything about you with this new molecular scanner that sounds like it’s straight out of Star Trek: Within the next year or two, the U.S. Department of [...]

A Supermarket Scanner That Can Identify Food Without Barcode

Japanese electronics manufacturing giant Toshiba has developed a supermarket scanner that can identify food and price it without a barcode. Here’s how it works: Instead of barcodes, the scanner uses a camera to identify objects—so fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t usually have barcodes can be automatically identified and input by staff more easily. Only objects put [...]

No More Naked Scanner Images?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced they will install new software in their body scanners that will somewhat protect travelers’ dignity. A software upgrade that the TSA has been testing in airports in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Washington since February would instead create a generic human form (as shown above) and indicate if the scanner detects [...]

Does Your Airport Actually Use Its Scanners?

If you’re among the 48% of travelers planning to avoid air travel until you can be assured you won’t be subjected to the full-body scanners, you should know that just because an airport has purchased a scanner doesn’t mean they use it. If you’re planning to take a trip any time soon, check out this [...]

CT scan reveals prehistoric pliosaur

Scientists are using a powerful CT scanner to unravel the secrets of the prehistoic ocean predator. The 2.4m skull was discovered on the UK’s Jurassic…

Breast Cancer Detection Device the Size of a Lunchbox

Zhipeng Wu of the University of Manchester (UK) has developed a breast scanning device that is more portable that mammogram machines. Also unlike x-ray mammography, it uses microwave technology to accomplish the same task: [...]concerned patients can receive real-time video images in using the radio frequency scanner which would clearly and simply show the presence of [...]

‘Naked’ scanner in airport trial

A new scanner is being trialled at Manchester Airport that is able to produce “naked” images of passengers in order to reveal concealed weapons or…