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Saturday Night Live Skit: iPhone 5

Got a complaint about the new iPhone 5? Perhaps you’re upset about Apple Maps? Or the purple flare? Well, three fictional tech bloggers got their chance to air their complaints in this Saturday Night [...]

Internet Trolls: The TV Show

(Video Link) Trolls are, of course, never a problem at Neatorama, for all of our commenters are of a genteel, refined, and learned sort. Also: good looking. But this Saturday Night Live clip does apply to some darker fora on the Internet. -via Boing Boing

Before LOLCats There Were Action Cats!

(Video Link via Hulu) This commercial parody from Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s paved the way for future kittie videos to take the interwebs by storm, and it’s an ad for a  fake product I’d actually like to see sold in stores, especially around Halloween. It doesn’t get much better than armor clad cats [...]

“Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate” Facing Eviction

If by anything you may be familiar with “The Rent is Too Damn High” presidential candidate Jimmy McMillan from when he was parodied on Saturday Night Live. Well it seems that real life is more absurd then any sketches as the real McMillan who’s only platform is lowering the cost of rent is now being [...]

The 20 Greatest Sharks in Pop Culture History

Shark Week starts this Sunday! Who’s your favorite pop culture shark? I have several, and they’re all here in a list of the greatest sharks from movies, TV, and even viral news. I bet you’ll see some you’d forgotten about -like SNL’s Land Shark. One of the most classic recurring sketches in Saturday Night Live history, [...]

Scumbags Welcome At This Church

A Church in Florida is on a mission to bring scumbags closer to God. Pastor Moses Robbins of the Saturday Night Live Church in Florida feels so strongly about his calling that he commissioned a billboard. It simply states, “Scumbags Welcome!” What’s on the agenda for his next billboard? Robbins said he is planning to post another controversial message [...]

The Late Movies: 10 Arcade Fire Videos

Arcade Fire may be the official favorite band of mental_floss bloggers, with Ransom and I continuing to blab about this one time we saw them in the desert, and how awesome it was. Tonight I collect some official music videos and notable live performances for your enjoyment. If you have the chance to see them [...]

Bonus Quiz: Name the Not Ready for Prime Time Players

Editor’s Note: Baseball expert/food critic/bookworm Keith Law of ESPN is back with another week of quizzes. Make him feel welcome! Saturday Night Live recently kicked off its 35th season. How much do you know about season 1? We’ve put 60 seconds on the clock. Can you name the 7 original cast members, also known as [...]