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Artists Are Happier at Their Jobs Than The Rest of Us

Many parents I know privately cringe when their children want to go to art school. And for good reasons: It’s expensive and job prospects afterwards aren’t exactly bright. But there’s one bright side to being [...]

Toy Story Tattoo

Sheriff Woody Pride in Toy Story had Andy’s name inscribed on his boot. The owner of this tattoo reports that it hurt a lot to get this imitation. But at least he has the satisfaction of publicly affirming his love for Toy Story wherever he goes. Link -via Faith J | Photo: Rob

Secrets Woman Orgasm Finally Revealed

Secrets Woman Orgasm Finally RevealedSecrets For a woman Orgasm, achieving an orgasm is a highly sensitive and complex issue. 75% of women are not able to have an orgasm for every time they make love. A man who cares about a woman will consider all the factors that will turn their woman on. There are [...]