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WBC Chart

Hilary Sargent made a chart to help you understand who the Westboro Baptist Church is. The majority of the chart is the family tree of the Phelp family, although there are a very few members included who aren’t related to patriarch Fred Phelps. The enlargement shown here is only a small portion. The full-size chart [...]

The American Dream: Ernie Barnes

By the time Ernest “Ernie” Barnes, Jr. (1938-2009) passed away this past April, he had truly achieved the American dream. He went from being a “fat” and “introverted” child who wasn’t allowed into art museums because he was black to a renowned artist with exhibitions in prestigious galleries. Along the way, he was also an [...]

School for Nervous and Backward Children

The Reed School for Nervous and Backward Children (1906) The University of Washington Libraries has a very interesting collection of over 450 print advertisements in local magazines, city directories, and theater pamphlets of the Pacific Northwest from 1867 – 1918. I’m particularly intrigued with this one: The Reed School of Nervous and Backward Children (1906). The ad [...]