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The Traditional Peppermint Pig

In Saratoga Springs, New York, it’s time to ship out the traditional peppermint pigs. It’s hard to pinpoint where the tradition actually started, but pigs have always been symbolic of prosperity. In upstate New York, the pig made it into the rituals surrounding Christmas. Now Mike Fitzgerald, owner of Saratoga Sweets, is scrambling to fill [...]

History of the U.S.: A Chip Off of the Old Potato

In 1853, Saratoga Springs was a fashionable resort destination in upstate New York, providing recuperation and relaxation for rich folks fleeing the filthy, squalid city. Today, however, the Springs are equally famous for being the birthplace of the potato chip, invented by George Crum, a chef employed by the luxurious Moon Lake Lodge. Like many brilliant [...]