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The Other Sarah Palin

Abram Sauer of Esquire talked to Sarah Palin the other day. No, not that Sarah Palin – the other one. Does sharing a name with the inimitable former Governor of Alaska and presumably US presidential hopeful in 2012 bring a certain amount of pain? You betcha! The name is not a common one, but there are [...]

10 Ways to Learn Stuff While Procrastinating Online

It’s Monday. You’ve had a nice, long, idle weekend, and—what’s this? Someone who says they’re your boss wants you to do work?! Well, we’ll have none of that, will we? Of course not – this is the internet. Frittering away hours in front of mental_floss’ Amazing Fact Generator is always an option. But here are 10 [...]

The Quick 10: 8 Famous Apologies (and two that never happened)

The past seven days or so have been chock-full of apologies, haven’t they? Joe Wilson issued an apology for yelling “You lie!” at Barack Obama, Serena Williams apologized for threatening to shove the [expletive] ball down the line guard’s throat on Saturday, and now Kanye has said he was sorry for stealing Taylor Swift’s thunder [...]