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Sarah Brightman to become a space tourist

Singer Sarah Brightman will be the next tourist to take a trip to the International Space Station. The classical singer will conclude her 2013 tour an…

The Late Movies: “Dust in the Wind” Covers

“Dust in the Wind” was released way back in 1977. Written and performed by the band Kansas, it was their biggest hit, despite (or perhaps because of) its prominent viola melody — not something you’d expect in a hit pop song. Since 1977 it has popped up all over the place, from a Will Ferrell [...]

The Dubai Fountain

[YouTube - Link] Reminiscent of the amazing musically coordinated fountains of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas the Burj Dubai fountains named “Dubai Fountains” certainly are impressive. This $217 million project was built by the same California based company WET Design (whose website I highly suggest checking out as it is beautiful!) that created the Bellagio [...]

Marvelous Burj Dubai Fountain Show

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Marvelous Burj Dubai Fountain Show I can watch this over and over again… The tallest fountain in the world (with water reaching as high as 150 meters), near the tallest building in the world (see here) was recently completed and tested with this water/light/music extravaganza. The musical piece is the [...]