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Elmo Face Sandwich Crust Cutter

Elmo Face Sandwich Crust Cutter – $3.95 Are you looking for a fun way to encourage your picky eater to dig into their meal? You need the Elmo Face Sandwich Crust Cutter from the NeatoShop. This great little device cuts the crust off the bread and makes the sandwich into the shape of Elmo’s face. It [...]

Looking For A $16 Burger That’s Actually Worth $16?

Earlier, Alex posted that Amtrack’s burgers cost $16 -and from what I can tell, they aren’t even very good. If you want to shell out $16 for a burger that’s actually worth the cost (and happen to live in Japan), then you might want to head over to Wendy’s. Sure, their stateside burgers might not be [...]

Sandwich Shaper Whale & Octopus

Sandwich Shaper Whale & Octopus – $4.95 The Fall semester is right around the corner. Are you ready to dive back into making school lunches? You need the Sandwich Shaper Whale & Octopus from the NeatoShop. This fantastic sandwich crust cutter cuts away the bread crust and makes fun shapes your kids will love. The wonderful [...]


Family Fun magazine has a great idea for an entertaining sandwich. You’ll need a croissant, sandwich filling of any kind, baby carrots, a black olive, a radish, a red bell pepper, cream cheese and toothpicks. You can find the recipe at the link. Link -via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Elmo Lunch Bag

Elmo Lunch Bag – $16.95 Lala-lala lala-lala the Elmo Bag! You make the sandwich, you put it in the bag, that’s Elmo’s Lunch Bag! The super adorable Elmo Lunch bag is insulated and comes with two zippered compartments. It’s the perfect place to store your favorite afternoon snack. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

P’Zolo by Pizza Hut

What do you get when you combine pizza with sub sandwich? Neatoramanauts, meet the P’zolos, the newest creation from Pizza Hut (who also brought you the hot dog stuffed crust pizza, pigs [...]

An In-N-Out Shooter’s Sandwich

A Shooter’s sandwich consists of a hollowed out sourdough loaf that has been filled with the meats and cheese of choice and then pressed overnight until it can be sliced like a pie. Serious Eats decided to make their own Shooter’s sandwich with 16 In-N-Out burger patties and the result looks heavenly the serious fans [...]

Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone 4/4S Case

Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone 4/4S Case – $10.79 Are you looking for a deliciously fun phone cover for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? You need the Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone 4/4S Case from the NeatoShop. This sweet case is is made from impact resistant ABS plastic. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming. The the Ice Cream [...]

Earth Sandwich

Redditor Matt872000 writes “Me, in Korea, and a friend, in Canada, just made an Earth Sandwich.” Very good! It’ll have a nice crunchy texture. Of course, the contents are off center will slide out with the first bite. Ideally, he needed a friend in Arachania, Uruguay. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bag

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bag – $4.45 Have you resolved to start taking sack lunches to work? Protect your precious cargo with the Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bag from the NeatoShop. This hilarious box of 20 sandwich bags, with two designs, will help prevent sneaky coworkers from pilfering your tasty treats. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]