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Life Without Plastic

Sandra Krautwaschl, of Graz, Austria, was astonished by the amount of plastic trash on the beaches of Croatia, where recycling is not done on the scale of her native country. She wondered what it would be like to not have all that plastic in her family’s daily life. The Krautwaschl-Rabensteiners decided to try and live a [...]

Cracker Barrel Server Finds Ancestors on Wall at Restaurant

Photo link Most of the time when you go to Cracker Barrel, you expect to find chicken fried steak and giant games of checkers… not your great-great-great grandmother. Sandra, a server at the Owensboro, Kentucky, store, was working and thinking about her recently deceased niece, Cammi Jo. She happened to glance up at one of the [...]


(vimeo link) John and Sandra have an everyday love story, but it’s the kind of love story that we all want. And it makes a great little movie. -via The Daily What

13 Animal Friendships Sure To Melt Your Heart

What is it about interspecies animal friendships that make humans so infatuated? Is it the unlikelihood of the partnerships or the simple cuteness of two different species reflecting so well upon one another? Whatever it is, these adorable animal pairings are simply precious no matter how you look at it. A Dog, A Cat and A [...]

7 Little-Known Muppets

Sure, you know the Swedish Chef, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Beaker. Who doesn’t? But what about some of the more obscure Muppets? Let’s take a closer look at seven of those with a little (okay a lot of) assistance from the awesomely amazing MuppetWiki. 1. Catgut Catgut is the blues-singing, trumpet-playing cat from The Muppet Musicians of [...]