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The 10 Cutest Baby Animals of the Desert

Look at this adorable sand kitten! Or is it called a sand cat kitten? Or a sand cat cub? Either way, this baby is one of a collection of desert-dwelling wild animals photographed in their infancy, the way we rarely get to see them. How cute is a baby hyena? A caracal? A springbok? A [...]

Sand Art by Gunilla Klingberg

Remember playing with a toy that creates patterns in sand or Play-Doh? Well, artist Gunilla Klingberg took it to the next level: she used a tractor outfitted with special treads!

15 Wonderfully Geeky Sand Sculptures

The Fourth of July is a great day to head to the beach, even if it is a bit overcrowded. For those of us who can’t hit the surf, here’s the next best thing: geeky sand sculptures! Alien vs. Bender would certainly be way more awesome than Alien vs. Predator was. This delightful creation by artist [...]

This Sand Hates Water!

If you take regular sand and expose it to trimethylsilanol vapor (ahem, (CH3)3SiOH for the chemists in the crowd), the sand becomes hydrophobic — literally meaning “water-fearing.” The resulting “magic sand” does interesting stuff when exposed to water, as the sand repels the water. Here are two neat videos showing water interacting with [...]

What Exactly is Quicksand?

Quicksand is a staple hazard of adventure movies, TV shows and video games. Whenever a minor character needs to be killed off quickly, the hero needs someone to rescue, or danger needs to be introduced without calling the villain in, quicksand is there to fulfill the task and swallow an explorer whole. Conveniently, there’s always [...]

An Accidental Optical Illusion

This woman appears to be floating above the sand, Star Wars skiff style, an optical illusion caused by the shadow of a flag. For her next trick, she will make a day at the beach super boring with the power of  her speech! Link –via BuzzFeed

Martian sand dunes caught in motion

NASA has captured images showing sand dunes on Mars shifting over the course of several years. Taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the photograp…

Killer sharks invade golf course

When playing golf at a course in Brisbane, Australia, sand traps are the least of your worries. At the Carbrook Golf Club, players must avoid not only…

Sand Art Created Right before Your Eyes

(Video Link) Ako Tsubaki, a Japanese artist, works with sand. In this amazing video, he arranges sand in layers so that the cross section reveals a landscape. -via reddit | Artist’s Website

The Lonely Emperor Penguin of New Zealand

Imagine you’re on a warm New Zealand beach, walking your dog, minding your business, when farther along the sand you spot a–no, it’s not a… it is a penguin! Christine Wilton was doing exactly that on Peka Peka beach discovered a young Emperor penguin. “It was out-of-this-world to see it,” she said, ” … like someone [...]