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The Tatra T87: Streamlined, Fast and Mostly Unknown

“QUANTUM SHOT” #800 Link – article by Mike Gulett Designed to resemble the German Graf Zeppelin dirigibles We wrote about Tatra’s streamlined cars before (also see other aerodynamically shaped cars in our older article). We received quite a good response, asking us to continue this series. Today we feature The [...]

Little Shop of Horrors Cake

Feed me (this awesome cake), Seymour! Amber McKenney of Sweet on Cake bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area created this awesome Little Shop of Horrors cake for a guy who played the lead [...]

The Unseen Sea

The Unseen Sea is a lovely time-lapse video of the (foggy) skies over the San Francisco Bay Area, shot over one year by Simon Christen. Simply marvelous! Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via bb-blog

World’s Smallest Postal Service

World’s Smallest Postal ServiceThe World’s Smallest Postal Service (WSPS) is a teeny tiny transcription service and roaming post office based in the San Francisco Bay Area and also available online.Lea Redmond is the Postmaster, setting up her tiny mobile office in cafes and shops where passers-by can write a letter and have it turned into [...]

A Peek Into Pixar Studios

I’ve always thought there was something magical about the Pixar Studio’s compound located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but getting to see these cool pictures of the inside just confirmed my wildest fantasies about how awesome it is. Imagine working at a place loaded with giant cartoon characters, free food, pool tables, video games [...]

Chicken Farming in the Big City

While I’d read that raising chickens had become more and more popular with youngsters in places like Portland, OR and Victor, ID, I was surprised to see this piece from GOOD, where photographer Todd Parsons found evidence of chickens making their way into the big city. From his essay: “In urban settings all across the country, [...]