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Facts About Every Student From the 30th Story of Wayside School

Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories From Wayside School series is still a favorite of elementary-age kids, 34 years after the first book hit the shelves. Each of the three books features 30 chapters — one for each floor of the Wayside School building — and each chapter (usually) features one student. Here are a few facts [...]

Really, Really Dumb Moments in Sports

REDSKINS DOUBLE THEIR BLUNDER During the NFL draft in 1946, the Washington Redskins were giddy when they nabbed UCLA running back Cal Rossi. By pairing Rossi with star quarterback “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh, Washington hoped to build a backfield that would give opponents nightmares. There was just one problem: Rossi was still a junior in college, and [...]

Sammy Stacey – Teen Sumo Schoolgirl

Sammy Stacey – SCHOOLGIRL thrilled when she became a Sumo Kid star at just 14. The youngster couldn’t believe her luck when she became the first Western girl ever to be invited to join a top sumo school in Japan.But Sammy’s delight soon turned to misery when her sumo teachers began to force-feed her — [...]

Bottom 10 Records: The Worst Albums Ever Recorded

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader Tired of Top 10 lists? Well, here’s the cure: Bottom 10 Records, from the good folks at Bathroom Reader Institute. Behold, the official BRI countdown – and they do mean down. These don’t sink any lower, folks … These records are so bad, they’re [...]