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The Late Movies: Geeky Tributes!

Geeks, nerds and dorks attend! Tonight for The Late Movies are a spattering of geeky tributes for your enjoyment. Know of a few others? Leave them in the comments section. Leading off tonight, is “Hail To The Geek” by Deaf Pedestrians. To the tune of “Hey There Delilah,” here is a tribute to everyone’s favorite former-CIA-turned-Phoenix-Foundation-Uber-Geek, MacGyver. Here’s [...]

Man Stacks 61 Objects On His Cat While Serenading Him

(YouTube Link) Sam Hart wrote a love song for his cat entitled “Kitty Song.” Then he sang it to his cat while stacking 61 objects on top of him. Most of them are just playing cards, but others are quite large. You can find the lyrics to the song at the YouTube link. via Have You Seen [...]