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The Dog That’s Better at Sports Than You

I’m so bad at sports that the only dribbling I can do involves my chin and saliva. Today, I can even add a dog to a long list of living things that humiliate me in [...]

Your Spit Can Reveal How Old You Are

From people claiming to be 130 years old to lying about their age in order to compete in the Olympics, lying about how old you are is a age old past time. Now however the next time you claim it’s your “29th birthday” your friends can snag a swab of your spit to prove you [...]

A Great Portait That Really Stinks

Regardless of your feelings about smoking, I’m sure we can all agree that cigarette butts are pretty disgusting. After all, they’re essentially saliva and tar-filled packages that smell as bad as they look. Perhaps that’s what makes Jinks Kunst’s portrait of French musician Serge Gainsbour so memorable -it’s created entirely from cigarette butts. The artist spent [...]

Cavity-Fighting Candy

Hurrah! Oral biologist Israel Kleinberg have finally answered the prayers from all dentist-hatin’ kids: cavity-fighting candy, made from chemicals in saliva. The candy is fluoride-free and protects teeth in two ways. First, it raises pH levels to neutralize more acid than saliva alone. Second, it protects the minerals in tooth enamel. Arginine, an amino acid, combines [...]