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Why Are Dalmatians Linked to Firefighters?

These days any fire stations that actually have dalmatians just keep them around for the sake of appearances, but if you’ve ever wondered why they chose the spotted dogs in the first place, there’s actually a good reason: In the 1800s, fire engines were horse-driven carriages. Unfortunately, horses and much of the other equipment found in [...]

Fake smiling makes you miserable

A new study suggests that smiling simply for the sake of it can actually make you more miserable. The research calls in to question the policies of so…

World’s Largest Skateboard

World’s largest skateboard Made Ever If you are daring enough to taste dangers and can go extreme for the fun sake, is all that you will surely love to take a ride on. Brought by California Skateparks to Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, the world’s largest skateboard is like a conventional skateboard but has the capacity [...]