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Bobcat Has Highly Uncomfortable Hideout

Where does a bobcat hide out from a menacing mountain lion? Atop a 40-foot tall Saguaro cactus, of course. As uncomfortable as his thorny perch may be, it’s gotta hurt less than being eaten by a bigger cat. The photos were captured in Gold Canyon, on the foot of the Superstition Mountains. The bobcat was trying to [...]

Fasciated Saguaro

Have you ever seen a saguaro cactus like this? This is a cristate (“crested”) cactus, a result of fasciation, which is explained at TYWKIWDBI. The cactus somehow leads to an explanation of the Stevie Nicks song “Edge of Seventeen”. Link

The Super-sized Saguaro and its Greedy Guests

The Saguaro – now there is one big cactus.  A native of Mexico and Arizona (with some in California too) it attracts a number of visitors – especially when it flowers.  Not all of them are desirable however, with a number of birds – notably the Flicker, making their homes inside the motionless giants. The amount [...]