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Manliest Shaving Stand is Made of Welded Gears

Let’s shave old school. No, no, not the Bowie knife. That’s going a bit too far. But redditor awwbeans does use a safety razor, solid shaving soap and a lather brush. He needed a way to organize his gear, so he asked a friend to weld together spider gears and worm gears from his Toyota [...]

17 Elaborately Staged Theme Park Ride Photos

Back when amusement parks started using cameras to capture the facial expressions of their guests on their most wild rides, the companies thought it would just be a good way to make some extra money by giving guests a new souvenir option. Little did they know that the cameras would also serve as the backdrop [...]

Shaving with a Helicopter

(Video Link) Back when I drove a forklift for a living, we had driving contests, like picking up and transporting an egg without breaking it. Helicopter pilots, however, are a more daring breed, as you can see from this video. Among other tricks, the pilot shaved a man on the ground. No — not with the [...]