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Gorillas reunite after three years apart

The emotional reunion between two brother gorillas at a safari park has been caught on camera. Kesho and his younger brother Alf were parted three yea…

If Ben & Jerry Worked With George Lucas

Breakfast Safari created this delightful fake Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor and man, do I wish it was real. They already have ice cube trays featuring Han, all you’d have to do would be use them to mass produce the chocolate candies. Link

A Celebration of Elephants

Every September 22nd, we celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day! To show our appreciation, here’s a look at some of the amazing things elephants do. 1. Play Soccer and Darts (Image credit: Reuters/Sukree Sukplang) An annual festival in Surin Province, Thailand celebrates elephants and all that they do. Highlights of the event include a soccer match, battles recreations, and an [...]

Ten Year Old Bonds With Elephants

Winston in southern Oregon is where many tourists stop on their journeys north and south along Interstate 5; it’s where Wildlife Safari is. Recently the park acquired some help in the form of Wylie Malek, an autistic young boy people are calling a “natural elephant man.” It seems he’s bonded with the gentle giants, and [...]

Which Browser Would You Marry?

With the advent of competing browsers came some fierce loyalty to one brand or another. Some people would go as far to say they “love” their browser of choice. That got Grace Smith thinking. If you had to marry a web browser, which one would it be, and why? She put the question to her [...]