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Gorillas reunite after three years apart

The emotional reunion between two brother gorillas at a safari park has been caught on camera. Kesho and his younger brother Alf were parted three yea…

Giraffe Terrifies Visitor to Safari Park

(Video Link) Next on When Animals Attack: an ordinary mom thinks that she’s going to have an ordinary day. But then she wandered into a safari park and met…The Tongue. -via Super Punch

Swift Learning to Fly Again

Sisso the swift was found with a damaged wing seven months ago. The little bird has healed, but must learn to fly all over again with some inventive physical therapy. Sisso takes flying lessons suspended from a custom-made sling! The swift is being treated at an Israeli animal hospital and it is thanks to this ingenious [...]

Lion Opens Car Door with Teeth

Lion Safari Park in Johannesburg, South Africa allows cars to drive through the lion enclosure so people can see the animals up close. A family in a white Toyota drove through with the doors closed, but apparently failed to lock at least one back door. Thier glee turned to horror as the 300lb lion firmly took [...]

Monkey Mischief: Bad Baboons Burgle Bloomers

If you plan to visit the Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool, England, beware of monkeys. Bad, bad monkeys: The cheeky monkeys – who are known for tearing off the odd wiper or wing mirror – have been targeting cars carrying the roof boxes before pouncing on the unsuspecting visitors, who are forced to watch helplessly as [...]