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15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in November

Turkey day may be the main event in the second-to-last month of the year, but there are plenty of unusual holidays to fill your November days with celebration. 1. November 2nd: National Plan Your Epitaph Day Getty Images Whether you’re morbid or just really on top of planning ahead, take the day to decide which of your [...]

Arizona Penguins to be Left Homeless

The historic Eastman Gin in Phoenix, Arizona, is going to be dismantled. The town council has allocated $70,000 for the demolition of the 84-year-old gin. Town officials say the cotton gin, which operated until 2005, is structurally unsound and filled with roosting penguins. They’re concerned that the town will be liable if someone is hurt inside. It’s [...]

Who is Sadie Hawkins and Why Does She Have Her Own Dance?

Every October, we indulge in a month-long horrorfest at our house. Zombieland was the movie of choice a few nights ago, and the scene came up where Columbus explains how one of his worst moments of 1997 was when his school held a Sadie Hawkins dance. “No one asked you?” “It was girls’ choice,” he [...]

The Late Movies: Weirdo How-Tos

Our DIY friends over at Boingboing have an amazing, years-deep archive of how-to-make-stuff posts, which include a great many videos. Here are the coolest and wackiest how-tos I could find. HOW TO MAKE DECAPITATION SPECIAL EFFECTS Making a low-budget horror film in your backyard? This little how-to should prove indispensable. HOW TO BUILD A ROCKET — FOR KIDS! Young [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Alternate Versions of “A Visit from St. Nicholas”

“A Visit from St. Nicholas” is one of the most parodied pieces ever written – more than 1,000 versions have been penned by professional writers and amateurs alike. Here are a few of them, but rest assured there’s a version out there for just about any profession or interest you can think of. 1. My personal [...]

The Quick 10: Songs That Sound Like They’re About Women (but aren’t)

I almost hate to share some of these – it’s always a bit strange (and sometimes disappointing) when you have a scenario in your head for what a song is about, then find out that you were completely off base. In a couple of these cases, though, I think knowing the song isn’t actually about [...]

Pessimistic Pups

My beagle Sadie is a rescue do whose previous owner abused her. She has always been anxious, skittish, and neurotic. She defines obsessive-compulsive behavior, walking around in circles when she wants something or methodically licking her paws. She must be crated when I leave—otherwise the house looks like a robber tossed it. I always thought [...]

"The Dog Was Discovered When She Fell Out of the Sky"

YouTube link. Sadie is a Pomeranian who ran away from her home in Iowa after being frightened by fireworks. “Sadie was swooped up by an owl in the woods,” the AP reports. The dog was discovered when she fell out of the sky, landing in the middle of the road in front of a surprised driver, Jamie [...]