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Gritty Street Photography By Nate “Igor” Smith

Nate “Igor” Smith is known for his work on the photo website Driven By Boredom, but he has another side, a street side that doesn’t involve canned shots of people posing at events, a side that relies on happenstance to capture that perfect moment in time. Nate’s vision is raw and voyeuristic, catching sight of moments [...]

Three Teens and a Deputy Injured in Drunk-driving Simulation

Drinking and driving don’t mix. You know what else doesn’t mix? Teenage drivers and drunk-simulating goggles. A group of Explorer’s Club members in Elkhart, Indiana were taking turns driving around a parking lot in a golf cart wearing the goggles, which distort the wearer’s vision. Around 7 p.m. investigators believe the 14-year-old driver took a turn [...]

If Mario Replaced Ryan Gosling

I didn’t see Drive, but I’d definitely go see Kart. Props to Dan Hipp for making instantly improving on Hollywood’s vision. Link Via Kotaku

Segway-Like Vehicle for the Disabled

The Chariot is Exmovere’s vision for the future of the mobility scooter. Like a Segway PT, it’s guided by movements in the hips and lower torso to signal direction and speed. As a result, users have both hands available for other tasks. There are two videos and more pictures at the link. Link -via DVICE | [...]

Art Remakes

Booooooom! — that’s seven Os — is a great if oddly-named art blog. For several months, it’s hosted a project which invites readers to submit photos of themselves recreating famous works of art. Here’s Sybille de Chavagnac’s vision of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Check out the rest at the link. Be warned: some of [...]

Calming the Font Wars

We’re all aware of just how much anger the Comic Sans font can inspire here on the world wide web. Thankfully, hotheaded typography fans can now calm themselves down with Gandhijifonts – a series of 12 different international fonts designed around the iconic eyeglasses of Mahatma Gandhi. The website explains the goal of the pacifist-inspired fonts [...]

Earth is Becoming Less Detectable to Extraterrestrials

Scientists meeting for a SETI conference have been told that recent developments in communications technology are rendering the Earth less detectable to alien civilizations. In the past, TV and radio programmes were broadcast from huge ground stations that transmitted signals at thousands of watts. These could be picked up relatively easily across the depths of space, [...]