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The Weird Nicknames of 8 Spy Agency Headquarters

Because being a secret agent isn’t cool enough, spymasters tend to build elaborate headquarters buildings with really great nicknames. Here are a few headquarters known for their vodka martinis, Aston Martins, and Walther pistols. 1. Legoland The British Secret Intelligence Service (also called MI6, but more famously known as James Bond’s employer) was only officially acknowledged as [...]

Young gorillas seen dismantling traps

The juveniles have been observed locating and disabling poacher traps after one of their own was killed. Bush-meat hunters in Rwanda set up thousands …

"Mary Ann" Still Acting at 73

Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the long-running ’60s TV series Gilligan’s Island, begins a run in a new play in Chicago tomorrow. And she still gets recognized wherever she goes. “I can’t go anywhere,” she says. “I can’t go to Beijing, I climbed with the gorillas in Rwanda. It’s ‘Mary Ann! Mary Ann!’ ” Although [...]

New Test for HIV Takes 15 Minutes, Costs $1

<p><img src=”×112.jpg” alt=”" title=”mchip” width=”150″ height=”112″ class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-50759″/>Samuel K. Sia, a biomedical engineer at Columbia University, has developed a cheap test for HIV infection that can return accurate results almost instantly:</p> <blockquote><p>“We have engineered a disposable credit card-sized device that can produce blood-based diagnostic results in minutes,” said Sia. “The idea is to make a [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Places You Don’t Want to Swim

With the high temperatures lately, my neighbor has made a habit of taking midday dips in the kiddie pool in her backyard. (I know this because she sings with the radio and splashes water in rhythm.) Speaking of places I never want to swim, here are ten lakes, pools, and beaches you should approach with [...]

Rwandan Grand Prix

(YouTube Link) Similar to what has been done before, but Orphans of Rwanda has made a stop motion video of a race directed by Matthew Harding of Where the Hell is Matt? fame. The workshop, which took place in Kigali, gave students an opportunity to develop their own ideas for a brief video and then film it. [...]

Anthropologist Argues that Modern Humans Are Wimps

In his new book Manthropology, Peter McAllister argues that human physical strength and endurance have deteriorated over time. John Mehaffey writes for Reuters: Many prehistoric Australian aboriginals could have outrun world 100 and 200 meters record holder Usain Bolt in modern conditions. Some Tutsi men in Rwanda exceeded the current world high jump record of 2.45 meters [...]