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Owl attacks on the increase

Within the last month at least four runners have been attacked by hostile owls without provocation. When out on a run the risks of being set upon by a…

Alien invasion hoax hinted for Olympics

Rumours and conspiracy theories are abound in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. One theory that has been gaining momentum is that a BBC doc…

Huge Spider Puppet

(Video Link) Don’t run away, Meat Shield. It’s a hundred experience points, yours for the taking. Just keep his attention while we slip around behind him. -via Super Punch | Artist’s Website

"Mary Ann" Still Acting at 73

Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on the long-running ’60s TV series Gilligan’s Island, begins a run in a new play in Chicago tomorrow. And she still gets recognized wherever she goes. “I can’t go anywhere,” she says. “I can’t go to Beijing, I climbed with the gorillas in Rwanda. It’s ‘Mary Ann! Mary Ann!’ ” Although [...]

The Grand Slam Single and Other Home Runs That Didn’t Count

After Nelson Cruz’s dramatic walk-off grand slam on Monday, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not it was really the first walk-off slam in postseason history. You see, Robin Ventura also hit a home run with the bases loaded to end Game 5 of the 1999 NLCS, in the 15th inning no [...]

Logan’s Run Birthday Party

Logan’s Run is a dystopia in which people live to the age of thirty, and not a day longer. On Last Day, they attend Carrousel, where they believe they re-enter the cycle of death and reincarnation. Carrousel is a lie, of course, as Logan 5 and Jessica 6 discover. Jess Hemerly is a big fan [...]

New Zombie App Makes You Want To Run

This fun new app/game shows you just when and where a zombie invasion is about to occur, giving you enough time to run away as fast as you can! Appropriately titled “Zombies, Run!”, it boldly attempt to combine zombie game and exercise regimen into an interactive story experience. Sounds like a great way to let [...]

Generic Names for Streams

Is it a creek, a run, a stream, or a brook? Or something else entirely? Across the contiguous United States, people use different names to describe small bodies of running water. Derek Watkins made this map showing the toponyms used in different regions. Click on the first link to view a larger version. Larger Image and [...]

A Klingon Christmas Carol

A Klingon Christmas play? Yes! After a run in St. Paul, A Klingon Christmas Carol is on the marquee at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago until December 19th. Scrooge, the ghosts, and even Tiny Tim are there, albeit underneath Klingon makeup. The play, produced by the theater company Commedia Beauregard, is presented entirely in the [...]

What gives mass to matter ?

A new run on the Large Hadron Collider lasting until 2011 is hoping to solve the mystery of what gives mass to matter. The run will last a whole two y…