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This Is One Sharp Looking Ruler

This machete shaped ruler by Palehorse is strictly for hardcore measuring, and not for settling schoolyard arguments. It has a deadly cool style and the lovely warmth of natural wood, one sharp looking inch at a time. It won’t help you cut a path through the jungle, but it’ll make it easy to measure the length of [...]

Harry Potter Diorama by Lori Nix

Diorama artist Lori Nix created this fantastic artwork for Wired about Harry Potter’s last movie. She detailed the process in her blog My 8×10 Life: After we got the green light we headed off to Barnes and Noble in search of hardback Harry Potter books. We then took a ruler and eyed how large the [...]

Legendary ruler Cao Cao’s tomb found

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the tomb of the legendary Chinese ruler Cao Cao, a cruel tyrant who ruled the Kingdom of Wei some 1800…