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Tiger Skin Rug Made From 500,000 Cigarettes

Have you seen a tiger skin rug made out of half a million sticks of cigarettes? Chinese artist Xu Bing created this massive art installation for his Tobacco Project series: Link

The Dude’s Rug

If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you know that The Dude laments all throughout the movie the loss of an area rug that “really tied the room together.” For the currently running Quentin vs. Coen art show at the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco, artist Maxim Dalton took that idea one step further – creating [...]

Your Camping Equipment’s Fascinating History

Now that spring has sprung, you might be planning a weekend camping trip with your family or friends. As you stuff your car with all the necessary equipment, take a moment to reflect on the fascinating history of some of those must-have camping accessories. 1. Duffel Bag While rucksacks have been around for hundreds (if not [...]

Plush Roadkill Teeming with Soft, Cuddly Parasites

Artist Joshua Ben-Longo, who we’ve previously featured for his monster-skin rug, has created this adorable deceased dog. The corpse has ruptured and spewed out fuzzy little parasites. Isn’t it just adorable? Link via Super Punch

Rug Cop: The Movie Action Hero Who Uses His Toupee as a Weapon

(Video Link) From the same people who brought you The Squid Wrestler comes a new action hero: The Rug Cop. A scientific experiment gone wrong gave an aging detective amazing toupee powers. With his supernatural hairpiece, Rug Cop battles crime in the mean streets of Tokyo. via WTF Japan, Seriously?!

Terrifying Rugs and Bizarre Bathmats

At this point, I think there’s a Star Wars-themed product for just about everything, but here’s one you might not have seen — a throw rug designed to look like a Wampa, the terrifying creatures that occupy the ice planet Hoth. (As if I needed to explain that.) The good news is, it’s plush, fits [...]

Tapistongs: A Rug with Slippers

You’ll always have a place for your slippers with this rug! The slippers fit right into spaces in the design when you’re not using them, and become part of the carpet itself. The rug is called Tapistongs by French designer Lise El Sayed. It looks as if there are enough slippers for plenty of guests [...]